Thomas Rouxville


Almost all children lie to their parents about skipping school, or avoiding homework. Not Thomas Rouxville. At ten years old, he convinced his mother that he absolutely had to stay up until the small hours of the morning, squinting into yet another novel. His English teacher demanded it, he said innocently; the book had to be read by morning. When his outraged guardian stormed the school in protest, it was gently, but firmly, explained that her son’s assignment was not due for weeks. The boy had a reading addiction, and short of barring him from the library, there was little they could do.

By fourteen the obsession ran wild as fire, Rouxville losing himself in fantasy novels and role playing games; entire universes of heroes and dragons, magic and dark villains far more exciting than the endless fields and beaches of Kent. As an adult, with a degree in geography and teaching career under his belt, Rouxville embarked on exploring the fictitious worlds of his own mind’s creation, and has since become known for The Kingdom of Shadows and Chronicles of Suvaria fantasy series. He’s currently working on the new, Oswald Sherman series, and loves to connect with his readers