Rise of the Shadow


When the town drunk, Faramond, tells Athena the truth about her parents’ deaths, her world collapses. It wasn’t accidental like she’d been led to believe; they were murdered because of her. Even worse, the killer has never stopped searching for Athena.

A sinister darkness has crept over the kingdom, slowly claiming the population of Galbar. Eighteen-year-old Athena is still haunted by relentless nightmares, but continues fighting to keep Edgehill from becoming a ghost town. She and her best friend Tobin forage for neighboring, starving families, but their resources are fast depleting. When Tobin is summoned to join the King’s evil forces, it’s all Athena can do to keep from running far away with him.

Faramond has secretly watched over Athena since she became orphaned, and now is training her to take on a most wicked foe. If anyone finds out she is The Guardian of the Kingdom, it will mean her death. She can’t even tell Tobin; she must covertly train or risk the lives of everyone around her. It’s only a matter of time before she’s discovered, and she isn’t prepared for the coming battle.

The enemy is at her doorstep and Athena must accept her destiny as the chosen one. If she doesn’t, Galbar will be devoured by the shadows.

A malevolent king. A world in peril. One young woman to save them all. Rise of the Shadow is the second book in The Kingdom of Shadows fantasy series by author Thomas Rouxville.