Murder on the Village Green

The discovery of a dead man leads Diane Dimbleby onto her most macabre case yet.

When Diane discovers a dead stranger while taking a stroll through the village green, she and everyone else are shocked. Who is he? How did he die? Diane decides to find out. An overlooked clue leads Diane to a hotbed of evil. The like of which she has never seen before. With her life now at stake, just how far the killers will go to protect their empire.

Join Diane as she races against the clock to uncover the truth and to fend off a diabolical criminal ring. A criminal ring that has now set their sights on Diane.

A curious writer. Double-crossing killers. A determined detective. Murder on the Village Green—A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is the first in a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love Diane Dimbleby’s first adventure.

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Reviews for “Murder on the Village Green”

A new golden age in writing is waiting to be shared with all aficionados of the genre. A book that reads like one from the golden age of crime writers. Will appeal to all those who love Ngaio Marsh or Agatha Christie and shows that a modern writer can successfully write a new book set in modern times that takes you back to an era when life was more peaceful and enjoyable, not to mention safe, on the surface at least. I can’t wait for more books in this series and this is an authoress ready to take on the mantle of the great writers of the past. Karen Blackburn

For some reason this book reminded me of the Dorothy L. Sayers books. Very precise characters, flowery descriptions, utmost care in language-all in all very British. If you love the English villages and murders, this book is for you. Illinois Reader

Diane Dimbleby may just be my new favorite “detective”. The book was well written and held my attention to the very end. Diane’s interactions with Detective Crothers and other characters was amusing, at times, and always interesting. InternetMom13

The relationship between Diane Dimbleby and Inspector Crothers is one that I would like to see developed in further books. These two people, of different generations and different philosophic approaches to life, should not have the interaction that they do, but somehow it all seems to blend perfectly as they each try to solve the murder. The descriptions of the little village of Apple Mews and its residents are very colorful and it is easy to feel that you are in the village itself.  Amazon Customer

Dianne Dimbleby is a great character and paired with Inspector Crothers they’re a dynamic duo! Murder and mystery, my ideal book. Cornish Maid

I enjoyed reading Penelope’s book immensely. I could place myself in a time and place that this book represents. The author tells a great story of murder, mystery and mayhem.  Jeannine

This series has an interesting dynamic between an older, female mystery writer, Diane Dimbleby and a much younger police inspector Darrell Crothers. Their friendship is based on respect for each other’s thinking process for solving murders and their ability to work together. Hydrogibbon

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