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Murder on a Yacht

A murdered ex-spy. A government agency that will kill to protect its secrets. Diane Dimbleby had better be careful.

Diane goes on a trip on a yacht belonging to her ex-spy and fellow author Mike. When Mike receives threats and ends up murdered on his yacht, a single clue leads Diane to Mike’s publisher. It isn’t long before the British Government intervenes and pressures the police into inaction.

Diane, driven to find the truth, will not back down so easily and is determined to bring Mike’s killer to justice.

However, when the main suspect is found dead, the case takes a cataclysmic turn and heads straight for Diane’s beloved hometown Apple Mews. Has she finally met a foe who will outwit her?

A curious writer, a determined detective, and a powerful government agency with a reputation to protect—everyone is a suspect and no one is safe. Murder on a Yacht: A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is part of a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love Diane Dimbleby’s third adventure.

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Reviews for “Murder on a Yacht”

It is a delight to read about Diane Dimbleby and her adventures. Another great read in this series, as Diane tries to determine the reason for her friends death, and solve a murder. The clues and pace of the mystery always keeps my interest helenwho

Great storyline for this book which is the third in a series of books which are set in our times but hark back to the golden age of detective stories with the main character. She is a retired teacher and has a good friendship with the local police, almost like a modern Miss. Marple. This story takes us away from home but only to another beautiful location within a days travelling. The description of the island are reminiscent of Agatha Christie and the beautiful islands that featured in a couple of her books with a plot straight out of a classic detective story. A very worthwhile third novel and hopefully to be followed by many more. Karen Blackburn

I have definitely become a fan of the Diane Dimbleby books. She is not frivolous or complicated. She enjoys simple things and is always willing to help a friend. She is very smart and always ready to solve a mystery no matter how small. There is always humor in these stories and the way the characters interact is a refreshing break from the norm Meredith Hillenbrand

This wonderful Author does not cease to amaze me. I love the ongoing stories of the main character Diane. I am always wondering what has she gotten herself into next? Or does trouble just come her way? Wonderful continuation of a story line, from book to book. I enjoyed reading this immensely. I am really looking forward to the future books that Penelope Sotheby writes! Jeannine

This is just the type of story I like! It’s fast paced, logical (if you think about it), and very entertaining. I kept reading late into the night to reach the end, just because I HAD to find out. A fun read that is very enjoyable. I’m looking forward to many more of Mrs. Dimbleby stories. Sgt. Bill

As always, Penelope does a great job, keeping you guessing to the very end of the book! Casey

Without wishing to spoil the story, I really enjoyed the ending, it was not what I expected. This is a great addition to the canon of cozy mysteries, and if you enjoy this genre, you will really enjoy this book. Godiva 2000

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