Murder in the Mail

Just when things were getting back to normal in the small English village of Apple Mews, Diane is knee-deep in the middle of another whodunit.

When Monica, a traumatized girl from a nearby town appears on her doorstep, mystery author Diane Dimbleby is baffled by what Monica received in the mail – a macabre package that contains a severed finger.

Clues are beginning to add up, and so are potential suspects. How is Monica involved? Whose finger did she receive in the mail? And can Diane catch the killer before he or she strikes again?

A curious writer. A determined detective. A not-so-special delivery. Murder in the Mail: A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is part of a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love this Diane Dimbleby adventure.

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Reviews for “Murder in the Mail”

Excellent twists and turns with a surprise ending. The entire “Murder” series has been outstanding each with a very surprising twist. Patret

The story is very well written and the mystery moves from clue to clue in a speedy manner. Ms Sotheby is a talented author who has created a good read. Texanne

I really love this author’s books. This one also did not disappoint. This has a great storyline and her characters are wonderfully developed. I cannot wait to read another book by this author. alissa

Worth reading by anyone, and an authoress that should be top of your list of reading material. K. Blackburn

Penelope Sotheby has done it again! Godiva 2000

I enjoyed this book a lot! I like other books in this series as well and it seems like the writer keeps on developing as she writes more. The intrigue is getting more and more captivating. Satu Taipalus

Another fantastic adventure with Diane Dimbleby. The story flows at a fast pace as Ms Dimbleby gathers clues to solve the crime. I was pleased to see lives saved along the way with the timing of the leads. I enjoyed this story and would recommend as the best in the series to date. helenwho

Penelope Sotheby once again pulls you in to village intrigue. Murder by Mail keeps your interest with twists and turns. The characters pull you in until the mystery is solved. Another winner in this series. Linda G

Penelope Sotheby took me on wild ride with this installment! All the twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my chair and I just couldn’t put the book down. Thanks to the well placed red herrings it turned out to be a dead end when I thought I had it finally figured out and the ending came as a surprise. I am a big fan of the well drawn characters and the smooth flow of the mysteries. The book is a little bit more toward the edge of cozy and thriller but so much fun and probably my favourite in the series so far. Sabine Foster

I really enjoyed this book. My favorite things about it are the way the characters are developed, the location and the fact that there are clues to who the culprit is but not totally obvious. We’re given clues to figure it out. I am definitely going to read another one in the series. SC happy

Another great tale in the Diane Dimbleby series. As is her style the story comes with twists & turns suffused with a liberal sprinkling of red herrings that will keep you guessing to the end. The writing is descriptive & the characters have a reality that is often missing in cozy mysteries. Changling69

If you like Cozy Mysteries, you will love the Penelope Sotheby stories. This story is full of twists and turns and mistaken identities. Get this book and enjoy it. All ages can read this. Dog Lady

There are a few authors that really excel at these mysteries and Penelope Sotheby is one. If you want the feel of the old classic mysteries of the past, overlaid with some witty humor and an intrepid heroine, you will definitely want to check out “Murder in the Mail,” and everything else this author writes. DTChantel

Fun well written book. Fast reading and exciting. We need more like this. Rykke

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