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Athena is just four years old when a strange man whisks her away in the night and leaves her with her grandparents. When Athena is told that her parents have been killed, she doesn’t speak for a year—except in her sleep. The nightmares are relentless; she can’t escape them.

Life goes on and Athena eventually finds her voice, but the dreams persist. Athena finds solace working in her grandparents’ bakery; escaping to the nearby forest; and in her friendship with Tobin, a boy who lives on a nearby farm. The two are teenagers when they realize Edgehill has changed. One by one, the men are leaving—forsaking their families at the king’s command. The rumors are as dark as her night terrors, but no one really knows why an army is being built. Even the boys are being recruited. Their once bustling village has become a ghost town.

Something unspeakable is coming.

On her eighteenth birthday, Athena overhears her grandparents talking. They’re hiding something and it has to do with the death of her parents. When the town drunk forces his way into Athena’s home, he tells her a story that makes her blood run cold. Athena finally discovers the truth about her past and it changes her future forever.

A malevolent king. A world in peril. One young woman to save them all. Edgehill is the first book in The Kingdom of Shadows fantasy series by author Thomas Rouxville.