Murder in the Highlands

In a Castle in the remote Scottish Highlands, nobody can hear you scream.

When Diane Dimbleby, a retired school teacher, travels to a remote castle in the Scottish Highlands to visit her friends, the last thing she expects to encounter is an apparent murder.  But she does just that and is asked for help in finding out who or what the killer is.

Was it the lover of the victim?

Was it the husband of the lover?

Was it an animal activist who has a history of making violent threats?

Or was it a mysterious creature?

A dead body in a room that has been ripped apart, yet there are no marks on the body. What exactly happened in that room?

Diane seeks to find the answers that are puzzling the local police.  But with someone or something dangerous on the loose and the hotel on lockdown, will she make it out of the Glen Gorm Castle alive?

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love this Diane Dimbleby adventure by author Penelope Sotheby.




Some of the feedback received so far:

The twists and turns around the suspects leave you turning the pages and reading this in one sitting! I absolutely loved the story, it was really not expected and the end and the clever way in which Diane figured it out is fantastic! You must get this book!  Merry a Vero Beach, FL Reviewer

Another great book in the Diane Dimbleby series, very atmospherically set in the Scottish Highlands….The plot is again very original, and the murder method very difficult to guess, although there are plenty of clues given along the way, some very well hidden in plain sight!  Godiva 2000

Wow. Didn’t even come close to guessing who did it! But had a lot of fun trying. Another fun adventure with Diane Dimbleby. mommyL

Another fun cozy mystery from Penelope Sotheby! I think this is my favorite so far. Sandy Sez