Diane Vol 1

The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection Volume 1

Three Fantastic Books In One Volume

Murder on the Village Green

The discovery of a dead man leads Diane Dimbleby onto her most macabre case yet.

When Diane discovers a dead stranger while taking a stroll through the village green, she and everyone else are shocked. Who is he? How did he die? Diane decides to find out.

An overlooked clue leads Diane to a hotbed of evil. The like of which she has never seen before. With her life now at stake, just how far the killers will go to protect their empire.

Join Diane as she races against the clock to uncover the truth and to fend off a diabolical criminal ring. A criminal ring that has now set their sights on Diane.

Murder in the Neighbourhood

A fatal “accident”. A caretaker who knows more than he is letting on. Diane Dimbleby has her work cut out.

When Diane’s dear friend and neighbour is found dead by one of her caretakers, Diane is traumatized.

The caretaker’s story of an accidental fall isn’t adding up and Diane uncovers a clue that contains a cryptic message.

The evidence leads Diane to a remote Island. What she finds there points to something premeditated, something sinister. Soon, Diane finds herself in the centre of a whodunit and she must once again use her ingenious wit to save her own life and uncover the killer.

Murder on a Yacht

A murdered ex-spy. A government agency that will kill to protect its secrets. Diane Dimbleby had better be careful.

Diane goes on a trip on a yacht belonging to her ex-spy and fellow author Mike. When Mike receives threats and ends up murdered on his yacht, a single clue leads Diane to Mike’s publisher. It isn’t long before the British Government intervenes and pressures the police into inaction.

Diane, driven to find the truth, will not back down so easily and is determined to bring Mike’s killer to justice.

However, when the main suspect is found dead, the case takes a cataclysmic turn and heads straight for Diane’s beloved hometown Apple Mews. Has she finally met a foe who will outwit her?

A curious writer, a determined detective, three thrilling mysteries. The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection Volume 1 is the first collection of books centered on the popular character of Diane Dimbleby.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth, then you will love these Penelope Sotheby adventures. Get your copy now!



Some of the feedback received so far:

I love Penelope Sotheby’s cosy mystery books, especially the Diane Dimbleby series, she is a great character, and could easily have been created by Ms. Sotheby’s hero Agatha Christie.  Godiva 2000

This compilation of murder mysteries is a real joy….I’m always interested to see what Diane Dimbleby is going to get up to. These stories are so much fun and the writing is great. There is much to be enjoyed in these books, and quite a bit of mystery to solve! I definitely recommend this and all of this series for a fun and interesting read.  Catwoman1a

Each of the stories in this 3 book collection are stand-alone novels, in that you don’t have to read them in any particular order to understand who’s who, what’s going on, etc. All three stories have uncommon plots in unique settings. Ms. Sotheby’s writing style is descriptive, clever, inviting and entertaining. I enjoyed each of these stories so choosing a favorite would be difficult. InternetMom13

This is a triple treat mystery collection. Take a bite of one story at a time, or gobble the whole! Molly G.Hamblin

I have read all three of these and the stories keep getting better and better. Grab your copy today!  Bev