Murder in the Mansion

Murder in the Mansion

A rich woman murdered, and another seemingly cut and dry case.  Has Daniel finally taken on more than he can handle?
Daniel Swift, Attorney at Law, gets a visit from a home nurse who suspects that the woman under her care is about to be murdered.  When that does indeed happen, all evidence points towards the nurse.

Daniel is determined to find out who was really responsible for the murder of the socialite up in her mansion. In doing so he must do battle with a steely judge, a vindictive District Attorney and a legal system where innocence is not always presumed.

A determined lawyer. A client with all the evidence stacking up against her.  Murder in the Hotel: A Daniel Swift Mystery is the second in a new series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.  If you are a fan of whodunits that will keep you guessing until the very end, then you will love this Daniel Swift adventure.

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Reviews for “Murder in the Mansion”

If you like Agatha Christie mysteries, you will surely like this. A cast of really good characters. A rich wife, a cheating husband, nurse, maid and a cousin. Who is the killer? How can Daniel Swift prove it? Shar

An Old Fashioned Murder Mystery – like Agatha Christie Molly G. Hamblin

A great read. Full of twist and turns. Suspense till the very end. Teresa Reitnauer

I thought I had it all figured out but there was a twist at the end which I never saw coming. Sandy Sez

I loved this fast-paced, page-turner that pulled me in immediately and kept me entertained and intrigued from the first word to the last with a good mystery, interesting suspects, twists and turns. Pamela R Mitchell

I greatly enjoyed this book. It had a lot of twists that I didn’t expect. LATRESSA

Just have to love an old fashioned murder mystery that requires you to think! A very fun, action packed book. Michele M Wecker

This was my first Daniel Swift novel but not my first book by Penelope Sotheby. I thought the book was very well written and did not guess the killer until it was nearly revealed. The Wellness Lady

I am a sucker for whudunits, and this book wasn’t a disappointment, especially as it had a twist! Can’t wait to see Daniel Swift and his friends got themselves into next. Satu Taipalus

And now we are taken through a puzzle with many twists and turns and a surprise ending. This book is a great read you just can’t put down until you finally get to the end! Merry a Vero Beach, FL Reviewer

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