Book 2 – The Penitentiary


In 2132, The New World Order designated the Moon Base the official prison for New Earth. Over the next three years, all the prisons in New Earth were emptied, and the inmates sent to the moon. Only 63% of the inmates survived the voyage. The decision to move New Earth’s prison system to the moon was made for two reasons: first, it freed up critical space on the planet’s surface for housing developments and industrial facilities; second, moving dangerous criminals to the moon would keep the population of New Earth safer.

In 2139, The New World Order passed a law designed to deter criminals from ever committing a crime. Not only would the criminal be sent to the Moon Penitentiary, but their entire family – parents, and siblings, or spouse and children, depending on the age of the convicted person – would be sent along with them.

A broken man, Dirk Haston does his best to stay strong even though his world has shattered. He’s only three months into a twenty-year prison sentence and it’s been nothing short of torture. If it was just him, he could cope, but his innocent wife and daughter are also incarcerated because of a crime his son committed. Though he hasn’t seen his family members since their arrival at the Moon Penitentiary, Dirk has read his wife’s grim letters describing her life as a prisoner. Her despondency compels him to plot a daring escape.

Dirk spends his days exercising in his cell and mentally preparing for his break, all the while trying to stay under the radar of a cruel prison director, Soren Zolnai. Soren has made it his life’s purpose to shame and torment inmates. Withholding food, beatings and vicious insults are regular occurrences on the cellblock and particularly aimed at a seemingly contrite Dirk. He’ll do whatever it takes to free his family and get them back to Earth, even if it means bowing down to Soren.

The moment arrives to put his plan in motion and now it’s too late to back down. In order to save the lives of those he cares about most, and for his own survival, Dirk must risk losing the only alliance he has. Will his desperation cause him to go too far?

Set in the not-too-distant future, full of sympathetic characters rife with tangible emotions, The Penitentiary is the second book in an original science fiction dystopian series entitled “The Moon Penitentiary” by author Nick Langenberg. Book one, The New Earth, is available now by clicking here.